Justin Noae

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Principal Broker 


(607) 227-5071

Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each of his clients, having lived and breathed his real estate career in both Los Angeles and New York City since graduating from USC in 2006. But what should bring you most comfort in choosing Justin is his ability to listen to your needs, then his keen ability to strategize on how to get you what you want.


Starting his career in real estate on the lending side, he has seen the full spectrum of every type of purchase and sale imaginable whether it be for first time home buyers, vacation homes, investment properties, or rentals.


While in New York City, he was worked tirelessly to bringing the financial district back to life post 9/11 by helping developers fill newly built high rises with tenants. Now, the financial district of Manhattan is as residential as it is business.  As Co-founder and partner of Manhattan Residential Group, Justin oversaw company sales and rental transactions, and was responsible for the training and development of the agents. Over the years Justin's business transitioned more to residential investments through acquiring distressed homes, restoring to new but historical condition, then sold to end user.


Born in Seattle, growing up in Los Angeles, and maturing in New York, Justin’s smart, quick witted approach but with a laid-back vibe  brings a calm experience the typical stressful process associated with real estate.  He’s a graduate from the University of Southern California with a BA in Economics. In his spare time Justin enjoys traveling, food, and sports. Never mind accomplishments like marathons and CEO of a Manhattan brokerage before 30 - Justin is more proud that he was USC 2004 intramural 3-Point Champion!

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